Why minicasa?

Minicasa = miniature house.

Which house miniatures?

Handmade stone house.

The idea of building the first miniature house I came up with, after years I worked on walls.

I mean those life-size, which can still be seen today in the old log cabins or in the countryside.

many pictures of stones

stones collage

You can see stones of many types and over, in the collection of photos, I’ve listed some examples.

But not all of these types of stone can be used to build dry stone walls or thumbnails, proceed with method.

Regardless of size, in fact, requires a common basis from which to build the large or small work.

Small House that looks like a miniature House

old house or … miniature house?

Let me start with this image, to start talking about the “walls”, that is the primary way in which he has built in the past.

On this topic, you will find some explanations in the technical section.

But not only is this the topic of the site: here you can find photos, documents and things lighter and … digestible.

Dulcis in fundo, the newer part, one dedicated to miniature houses or mini-houses.

What I can guarantee is that you will find a collection of information that I don’t want to lose, because they are part of the knowledge and memory of the people.

People who haven’t taken the time to write and pass down to “posterity” experiences, often to tiredness after the heavy work days.


I hope I have used well the few seconds that each devoted himself to reading a content to a new site.

And having thought for a while before starting to publish all this now that I understand how it works, you’ll often find some update (or some new miniature House).

If you ended up here by mistake, I hope you still find something new to learn.

This I think is important to all of us, including (and especially) for me.

And as I am not the holder of the truth, all contributions on the topics covered are welcome.

Happy reading and thanks to all.